Dimmer Days Window Tinting
1694 East Richland Ave
Aiken, SC 29801
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Window Tinting in Aiken, SC

Auto Window Tinting Aiken, SC If you have looked through a lot of sites offering Car Window Tinting in Aiken, SC, you probably began to recognize a common theme among them.  Claims like; "We are the best"; "We have been the longest in the business" or "Our film is better than those other guys!".  You understand what we're saying. After a while they all look and feel the same. If your interested in auto window tinting make sure to give us a call. We provide honest and professional work every time!

We offer professional quality auto window tinting!

Window Tinting Aiken, SC

We prefer to match good looks with good performance.  After all, window film should compliment your cars overall appearance, not take away from the look. Our goal is to provide affordable window tinting prices that look 100% professional. Window tinting can range in price, always remember, you pay for what you get. Quality film obviously has a higher cost than low quality films. It is our goal to provide the highest quality window tinting film at the most affordable rate.

Auto Window Tinting Aiken, SC Our team has over 21 years of experience with auto window tinting. We understand that window tinting is an art form and quality of work reflects the experience and workmanship of the person performing the tint job. When you choose us to install your new window tinting, you can rest assured that we will treat your vehicle as if it were our own. We won't take any shorcuts and your vehicle will have a professional tint with no creases, bubbles or wrinkles.

We also provide window tinting for your home.

Window Tinting Prices Aiken, SC At Dimmer Days Window Tinting we offer not just auto window but home windows too. Did you know that curtains, furniture and flooring can all be affected from the sun's ultraviolet rays? Properly tinting your home's windows will help save you money year after year.Normal windows let powerful UV rays from the sun come right into your home.

Window tinting will help reflect these rays back out, causing less heat to enter your home. This means your air conditioner will need to use less energy to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. It will also help improve air quality in your home! Ultraviolet light is also the leading cause in fading color. Dimmer Days Window Tinting recommends, a window film that has a high percentage of ultraviolet protection so you can keep your home furnishings and decorations looking their best. Window Tinting Aiken, SC

It is our philosophy to use the best products available, covering any possible problem that may occur.  All Dimmer Days Window Tinting automotive installs come standard with a full lifetime warranty or limited lifetime warranty depending on the product selection. If you need some more detailed pricing information about window tinting in Aiken, SC; give us a call for window tinting prices!

Products & Services

Dimmer Days Window Tinting offers:

Auto Mobile, Truck, SUV, Residential & Commercial Window Tinting.

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1694 East Richland AVE
Aiken, SC 29801
One Block from the D.M.V.

Email: dimmerdays@gmail.com


Apr 09, 2013
By: Dave
Dimmer Days Window Tinting
1694 East Richland Ave
Aiken , SC 29801

Great service! Friendly, helpful, professional staff. I would highly recommend Dimmer Days.

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